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The Bible is full of amazing women who were committed followers of God. From Queens and princesses to ordinary women, these women were willing to be used by God in their lives. These amazing women were receptive to the word of God, moved in faith and trusted God to do the impossible. They followed Christ, even to the cross, "There were also women looking on afar off: among whom was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James..." Mark 15:40. 

These women had faith that Christ would rise again. At the end of the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James and Salome were the first to visit the tomb, with spices to anoint Him. When everyone else had deserted Christ during difficult moments, these women were brave enough to still seek Him. They were the first to proclaim the good news of Christ's resurrection. Even today, we can still learn from the example of these women of faith.

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Mary of Bethany

She is the sister to Martha and Lazarus. Christ would spend some of the time in their home. Mary's family was hospitable. She loved the Lord and sat at His feet while listening to His Word. She did not seem bothered by everything around her, but seemed content to listen to the Word of God. Mary is humble and has a teachable spirit. Christ commends her for choosing the best place.

Mary of Nazareth

She is the mother of Jesus and husband to Joseph. She knew the scriptures and believed in them. She is obedient to the call to be mother to the Messiah. Mary is a humble follower. She accepts the responsibility to bring up Christ in the ways of the Lord. Her child grows both in wisdom and stature. She is supportive of her son's ministry. At the wedding of Cana, when the people run short of wine, she tells them to do whatever Jesus tells them. Mary is also present at the crucifixion of Christ.


Jochebed is Amram's wife and daughter of Levi. She is the mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam. Jochebed is a woman of faith because when she saw that her child was a "proper child", she hid him for three months. Pharaoh had ordered that all male Hebrew children be killed. In hiding her child, she was trying to protect him from being killed. When she could not hide him anymore, she placed him in a basket and took him to River Nile. Pharaoh's daughter rescues the child and asks Miriam to find a Hebrew nurse for him. Miriam suggests Jochebed, her mother as the baby's nurse. Jochebed nurses her own child. Jochebed chooses to trust God even in difficult situations. She trusted that God would deliver her child, and she hid him. She protected her child, and provided for him in her unique ways. She was also there to nurse him. Jochebed's child is delivered and is also used by God later on to deliver her people. She is a mother with amazing faith. 


Lydia is a businesswoman. She is a seller of purple. Lydia is receptive to God's Word. Her heart is open to receiving Paul's message. She has a desire to know more about God's truth. Lydia got baptized together with her household. Lydia is also hospitable. She invites laborers for the truth into her house. She is supportive to God's mission. Lydia demonstrates that there are many ways of supporting mission. She is hospitable to Paul and the other laborers by opening her house for use. She demonstrates that it is possible to serve God in any career or trade.


Her real name is Hadassah. She is a Jewish young lady who is orphaned at an early age. She grew up with her uncle Mordecai and took counsel from him. Esther becomes a queen. She does not reveal her Jewish identity as advised by her uncle.  When Haman plots to have all Jews killed, she asks her people to pray and fast for her. She is a strong believer of intercessory prayer. Esther puts her life at risk to save her people. Her story shows that God is present in every stage of our lives. It is clear that she believed in God, even from childhood. Her situation did not stop her from trusting in God. Esther is a perfect example of faith. She demonstrates that it is possible to carry out God's will in any area. She is not discouraged by her circumstances, but chooses to move in faith. Her story shows that one should use their position to influence for good.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30


Dorcas or Tabitha is a disciple who was known for her charitable work. She lived in the town of Joppa. One day she became sick and died. She was resurrected and many people believed. Dorcas is a good example of a woman who met the needs of her community. Her resurrection was known throughout Joppa. It seems she made an impact in her community by her charitable work. She did not live for herself, but reached out to those in need.


Priscilla is always mentioned alongside her husband Aquila. Sometimes she is referred to as Prisca. Paul described the couple as his helpers in Jesus Christ. Romans 16:3. They are hospitable to Paul and supportive to his ministry. Their home is open to Paul. He stays with them because they are all tent makers. The couple later on establishes a church in their house. Priscilla is a godly woman who is supportive of God's work. She is also hospitable as she opens her home to Paul and other believers. She is dedicated to serving the Lord with her talents. She seems to have an understanding of scripture. One time, Priscilla and her husband met Apollos who was an eloquent man and mighty in scriptures. They took Apollos aside and explained the way of the Lord more perfectly to him. Priscilla is an example of a woman who is both hospitable and also knowledgeable in scripture.

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns. Psalms 46:5

The Lord used many of the women to further the gospel. These amazing women and many more in the Bible demonstrate that it is possible to serve the Lord fully. Some of the women show support to the gospel by being hospitable. They even open their homes to the laborers in the gospel. Some of them risk their lives for the gospel. We can be inspired by their example of faith.