In every season of life one needs hope. Hope can help one get through the most difficult times. Every morning, one needs hope that the day will be better than the previous one. Without hope, it is difficult to cope with everyday life's challenges. 

Hope changes everything. It can give one a new meaning of life. It can make a student study harder or put more effort in getting a scholarship, or work hard in a task. The Cambridge dictionary defines hope as, "to want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason that it might:" For example, one can hope to pass their examinations, or to get a scholarship, or to start a business. One cannot start a business if they believe it will fail. One cannot open a shop if they believe no one will buy from them. Hope is a necessity in every area of life. 

Hope transcends all human boundaries because everyone needs it. Hope can help one take action. If a student believes, they will pass the exam, they will work hard in class. However, if one has lost hope, they might not put that much effort, because they do not believe it is worth it. It is difficult to take action in a situation which seems hopeless. So many people give up on their dreams because they lose all hope that things will work out. When you have lost hope, it can he hard to keep going.

When everything seems to be against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.  Henry Ford

Is it possible for one to have hope when they lack faith? 

Hope and faith move together. Faith comes first, and then hope follows. It also depends where one puts their faith in. It is when you have put your faith in the right place that you will begin to have hope. 

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Romans 15:13

The dictionary meaning of hope and the Biblical meaning of hope may sometimes differ. We always hope for the best. I can hope for the best if I'm still waiting for exam results. No-one hopes to fail, especially if they have done their best. Sometimes it happens. If a student fails an exam, do they have to lose hope? If an athlete does not win a race, do they need to lose hope? If someone cannot get a job, do they need to lose hope? Sometimes these tests can help one work harder or look for other options. If one cannot get a job, the option would be to try another career choice which might sometimes require training in a different area, or to try online jobs or to start a business. 

Losing hope is not an option when things do not turn out the way one expects, but focusing on other options can help one maintain a positive outlook on life. Only God can lead in the right direction. 

Hope is essential for general well-being

These days it is hard to end the day without hearing of something bad happening. Some of these tragic moments can lead to stress and anxiety. Hope is essential for one achieve good physical health. It can motivate one to get started with exercising or to adopt healthy habits. Hope can inspire one to focus more on their well being and to change unhealthy habits. Hope is an underlying factor in general wellness.

Hope is not the same as wishful thinking

Being hopeful should not be confused with wishful thinking. When parents believe their child will be successful in school, they will invest in the child's education. This can also help the child work harder when they see efforts from their parents. If one is planning to study overseas, and they believe it will happen, hope will encourage them to get all the necessary requirements for their course of study. 

Everyone has the power to instill hope or to crush hope. It is good to inspire hope always. You can change a life.

What hope means in the Bible

In the Bible, hope means to maintain the confident expectation of good. There are many examples of hope in the Bible. Scripture encourages us to remain hopeful in all situations even when life does not always go the way we have planned. Sometimes God changes our plans, and His plans always prevail. When life turns out in a different way, one should maintain steadfast hope and know that the Lord is still in control. Hope can can keep one going even when faced with difficulties. In these trying times, one needs encouragement and hope. We all need hope in these uncertain times. 

If you take time to read the Bible, you will be encouraged. How can one be hopeful when they do not believe? Studying the Bible is one thing, believing in it is another. If one studies scripture and believes in every word, it will happen. Some may call it wishful thinking.

"...With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Mary believed what the angel Gabriel said to her. Luke 1:26-38. She did not doubt because she knew the scriptures. Zecharia on the other hand did not believe Gabriel when he brought good news to Him. Luke 1:5-20. As a result he was punished. Sometimes as people grow, they lose hope in a miracle working God. The Lord can still perform miracles. One needs to maintain hope. God can answer all prayers. He is not limited by situation nor finances. 

We can all influence someone to be hopeful always. The Lord wants us to have hope in Him. He has provided enough evidence in scripture for us to hold on to His promises. 

I hope you remain hopeful!