Christ addressed how we ought to overcome fear and anxiety. He is Emmanuel, which means, "God with us." He is omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere. He is with us in our painful moments and in our joyful moments too. He is omniscient, meaning He is all knowing. There is nothing too difficult to perplex Him. He went through it all and He understands our fears and anxieties. In times when we are fearful, it is better to trust Him. He has promised rest for the weary.

Christ is able to give us peace when we are troubled. All we have to do is to go to Him in faith. He understands every situation and is able to give us the peace we need in times of trouble.

When you feel as if all hope is gone, trust Him. He will give you strength. He has promised in His Word to be with us. He is with us even in our weakest moments.

What can overwhelm the Lord? Even though it might not appear as if He is there in our darkest moments, we need to trust Him because He is always there. He promised never to leave us nor forsake us.

The Lord is close to those who are experiencing painful moments in their lives. David is inspired to let us know that the Lord understands our brokenness. He is able to save us in times when we feel low.

Fear and anxiety can overwhelm us when we think of tomorrow. The Lord has already addressed our fears and anxieties. He is already in the future. Nothing takes Him by surprise. We have to trust Him always for the future.

God is always with us. He is a powerful God who is able to strengthen us in times when we are afraid.

It is good to encourage those who are anxious. A kind word can do more in giving hope to one who is losing faith.

In times of uncertainty, it is good to turn to the Lord who has promised to take care of our worries.

The expression, 'Be strong', means trust in the Lord. With Him, we can overcome whatever challenges come our way.

Our Lord Himself is the prince of peace. He is able to give us the peace we need in times of fear and uncertainty. He is able to rebuke the storm of life in your life and give you peace.

Sometimes when one is weighed down with fear and anxiety, it is good to talk to someone who understands. It could be a friend or a professional counselor. It is not good to ignore fear and anxiety as it can weigh person down.

I hope these Bible verses will help strengthen you.