Prayer journaling is a way of recording daily prayers. It is a creative way of staying focused on your prayer life. Keeping a Prayer journal is one way of tracking how the Lord has been faithful in one’s life. It also helps one realize that God is real and He answers prayer.

Prayer is an opportunity to spend time with God. It is to have direct communion with Him. Anyone can pray, and no prayer is too insignificant to be heard. Jesus had time to pray alone (Luke 5:16). He prayed in different places, and not only in the temple. One Bible character who also had an exemplary prayer life is Daniel. His circumstances did not stop him from praying. His prayers are answered. Daniel is delivered from the lion’s den. There is power in prayer. All you need is faith.

D-I-Y Prayer Journal tips

Creating a prayer journal should not be complicated. Examples of prayer journals can be a simple notebook, a D-I-Y prayer journal, a custom made prayer journal or a digital hi-tech prayer journal.

  • Design your prayer journal in a way you would be able to follow.
  • Find scriptures to go with your prayers. Index to make it easier to track your prayers. Pray over those verses.
  • List specific topics such as, Prayers of thanks, Prayers of confession, Prayers of intercession, Prayers of deliverance etc.

  • Mention specific prayer requests and names. Write down everything, your thoughts, feelings, requests, goals etc.
  • Keep it simple. The main reason is to have a meaningful prayer life.

Ephesians 6:12 says, "...we wrestle not against flesh and blood…" Prayer helps us surrender everything to God who is able to deliver us. God answers prayer. Prayers are sometimes answered in the way you least expect. Be ready for answers! 

Keeping a prayer journal can help one get started in prayer. This can help especially if one does not have time for prayer. Seeing prayers being answered can motivate one to pray even more.

More prayer, more power!